Working Through A “Not It”!

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”  Albert Einstein

What can I say? TAXES!!!! Even though I take all my carefully organized and added-up numbers to a great accountant, it still comes down to me taking the time to figure everything out. I laugh when I think about my favorite expression that I learned from my friend Alan Cohen, about asking if something is “It” for you or “Not It,” and I can tell you right now that doing taxes for me is a BIG

“NOT IT!!!!!!!!”

 So, what do ya do when something is a “not it” and yet you still have to do “it”?!

Yes, there is always the option of hiring someone to do it for you, but in this case it is clear that it has to be me sorting out the various receipts before I hand it over to my accountant. So I look to the things that help me in times of need and as always, it is music that helps me make it through…so here is what I have done to help me with this process:

I put on my favorite Marina Raye CD’s that have flutes and owls in the background – that immediately calms me down. (

I light a candle and say a prayer for ease and clarity through the whole process. For affirmations and prayers around abundance, check out my friend Janet Ryan’s CD “Abundant Blessings – A Meditation & Affirmations for Conscious Money Circulation” (

When I get really stuck I remember the words to my song, “I Don’t Have To Be Perfect.” Just singing that chorus over and over allows me to lighten up on the whole process and get the job done. If I still need help I listen to a song I wrote with Jack Fowler, “This Too Shall Pass” or, when I procrastinate, my song “Just Do It”.   Just having some of these songs in the background while my calculator is crunching out the totals has helped!

I am almost done with the big piles, so I send you grace and ease in getting whatever you need to do – done!

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