The Joys of Clutter Clearing

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” Eleanor Brownn

Ah spring is almost here and what it brings up for me is newness, freshness and spring cleaning!  For some people the idea of clutter-clearing makes them want to run for cover or duck underneath the sheets.  Just the thought of opening up those closets, or drawers, or rooms, or garages, makes them feel overwhelmed and almost happy to put up with the long winter so they don’t have to face this awful task!  Many years ago when I was starting out singing in small clubs in San Francisco, I had a great day job.  I would come in and organize and clean people’s houses during the day and then go sing in the clubs at night.  It was a feeling of great satisfaction in seeing the instant transformation that could happen in just a few hours.  It still is one of my most favorite things to do – I actually find it really relaxing because it is such focused work.  Since I have some friends that feel the exact opposite of this, I thought I would play spring-cleaning-cheerleader and give you a few of my favorite tips (with song suggestions!)  to help start the process.

1.  The smallest step is the key to success.  When you look at your over-stuffed garage it is easy to get overwhelmed.  If you can make an appointment to spend a minimum of 5 minutes for a week – same time each day – de-cluttering, you will see some progress.  IF you are enjoying the process by all means keep going – but the commitment is just for 5 minutes.  (Song suggestion: “One Small Step” from the CD “Hold Onto Love”)

2.  Find a place in your house by the front door, or just outside, or in the garage where you can put a box labeled “To Donate” where you can put something into everyday. It could be a book you see on the bookshelf that you know you won’t read again, clothes that are cluttering your closet, misc. stuff in your office that you won’t use… anything.  Just one thing a day.  When the box is full, take it to Goodwill and let someone else enjoy what is no longer serving you.  (Song suggestion: “Relax Let Go” from the CD “Songs of the Spirit 3”)

3.  Check in with your heart to see what things are in your physical space that feel old and not a match to who you are now.  These could be books (come on – tell the truth – who still has Wayne Dyer’s “Your Erroneous zones” on your bookshelf from the 70’s??!!) furniture (hand me downs from family members), clothes – whatever.  Next check in with your mental clutter – is there anything on your heart that needs to be said, forgiven, released?  There are therapists, practitioners at church, so many people who can help with any of these issues.  (Song suggestion: “Just Do It” from the CD “Songs of the Spirit 3”)

To help out and hopefully lighten up the process of this subject, you might listen to a song from my new CD “With Love Anything is Possible” called “Stuff.”   It was co-written with a wonderful songwriter, Robert Anderson. Our intention was to put all these ideas into a song that would encourage people to take the first step in getting rid of their “stuff”!


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