The Makeover


“Why does the snake shed its skin?  To grow into a larger, more capable and more evolved body and existence.  While snakes do this physically, we as human beings metaphorically shed our own skin when it is time to grow personally, professionally, or spiritually.”
As soon as I made the appointment I felt a little sick. You know that queasy feeling when you know you should do something but you are afraid of what is going to happen?  But I made the appointment and in 10 minutes they will be here.

What is causing all this resistance?  I am having a style makeover.

A girlfriend of mine had this done and raved about these two women who basically come to your house, go through your closet and do what your friends and family might want to do but are to scared to do: they tell you the truth. I truly didn’t know what to expect. Before our appointment they wanted to see pictures of me, and they wanted me to answer some questions about how I see myself, what I thought my fashion issues were, and what my goal was. No problem, I didn’t think there was that much to change so I was willing to give it a go.

Oh how I was wrong.

They asked me to leave the room where my closet was and come back in 30 minutes. When I did all my cherished flowing goddess wear was neatly folded and my closet was almost empty. I was shocked and could feel my defenses rise.  “But . . . but . . . but . . .” I stammered. “That’s my identity, my look, my image!”  Cindy asked me, “Have you upgraded your computer at some point?” Well sure, I said. “Well, when was the last time you updated your wardrobe?” I Was Busted.

In a relaxed and supportive way they moved me into seeing how many of my flowing outfits were really hiding my body, hiding me from standing in my power. They asked if I would be willing to do the next step with them, which was shopping (something that usually overwhelms me) for some new clothes. Timidly I said yes.

I have heard it said that transformation can sometimes happen in a nanosecond if you are open to it. When I met them at the mall they had already picked out potential outfits and all I needed to do was walk into the dressing room and try some new things that I would have never chosen. To see myself in the mirror in skinny jeans, heels, jewelry, and classic jackets that didn’t cover every part of me was empowering and vulnerable at the same time. It was like seeing myself in a whole new light, and it actually felt good. (And the fact that all the clothes that I wound up buying were at phenomenal discounts was pretty fun too!)

So have I given up all my flowing goddess wear clothes? Well not entirely – but after they showed me how to incorporate my new look with what was left in my closet I now have a better idea of when something feels right for me to wear, and when I am basically hiding. (And sometimes that is okay too – I just want to know the difference!)

So what’s in your closet?

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