I Am Open To The Possibilities


 “My favorite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities.”                                           Mario Testino
 Last month I had written about being in a bit of a rut and how I experimented with the idea of seeing things differently.  Oh my, how much has changed by just acknowledging where I was at…
Right now I am writing this on the plane flying home from Canada where I was part of a New Thought retreat called “Circle of Love.” This was a sweet intimate retreat, led by my dear friend Rev. David Leonard and held on Vancouver Island.  I was hired to do a keynote talk, a workshop, and be part of the music team with two musicians I had heard of but did not know. Making music with strangers can be an interesting experience. I have been part of music teams that were magic, and others where the egos and diva behavior made it feel like musical hell. But this week was different. From the moment I heard these amazing musicians sing, I was hooked. Gary Lynn Floyd and Amy Bishop, who had been at this retreat before, welcomed me into their musical tribe and I was thrilled to be making music with them.
The true “Who Knew?” moment came when we decided to try writing a song together. Within minutes we had a seed of an idea for a song and the blending of our voices, ideas, and wacky humor resulted in not one but two songs that first day. Actually the magic continued through the week, and we wound up writing 5 chants/songs together. After getting to know both of them it feels like I’m in 6th grade running in the front door and yelling, “Mom – I made two new friends in school today and we all really like each other!!!” These two people were strangers just five days ago and now I have two sweet new friendships that I get to play in a new musical sandbox with. Who knew?
The reason I wanted to write about this is to remind myself (and maybe you, too) how miracles and new possibilities can be right around the corner from where you might be feeling stuck, or depressed, or thinking that things aren’t working out for you. Just meeting these two people, and re-awakening the joy of music, has changed me. It has made me look at other areas of my life that seem like they are not working, and I find myself more willing to surrender to the process of letting go of control, trusting that things work out the way they are supposed to, and that it all occurs in divine right timing.

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