Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

“So this is how you swim inward. So this is how you flow outwards.
So this is how you pray.”
Mary Oliver

Well here it is – finally summer! Finally warming up enough around where I live to put on shorts and kick back a bit. Well, that is the idea…but I am in the process of recording my next CD, traveling to a bunch to fun gigs and retreats, and training for my annual relay race across Lake Tahoe in mid July. Yes, this is what I do for fun – swim in cold water. This year my team and I are all a little more nervous than usual because of the high volume of snow that the Sierras got this winter. While we definitely needed the snow, the subsequent snow runoff is making the lake a lot colder. This means that once again I am being given an opportunity to practice what I talk and sing about: your thoughts create your reality. Yes the water will be cold, but I have learned the power in that wonderful saying: “What you resist persists.” If I clench my teeth and keep saying, “Oh it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold” – guess what? It’s gonna be cold! When I practice “leaning in” to the cold and breathing, accepting, surrendering, in a few minutes my body adapts and I am fine. Kind of a great metaphor for life, don’t ya think? I keep working on this one!

The truth is it’s so much fun to accomplish this goal of swimming across the width of this beautiful lake with my wonderful teammates who all share this crazy passion/hobby…and it’s a wonderful excuse to eat, drink, and laugh while supporting and encouraging each other.

Since it’s summer I am taking the time to play a bit more. I am actually having to give myself permission to play during those times when my “driver” voice says I need to keep working….so here is a song for you to join me in allowing yourself to get out and play! Happy summer!

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