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How To Unlock Your Inner Radiance

Interview of Karen by Pamela Mitchell of the LiftOff Project. To listen, click here. To read a transcript, click here.

Oneness Approach – The Healing Power of Music

Podcast interview of Karen by Dr. Michael Seng on the power of music to restore self-worth, beauty, and the joy of living. Click here to watch.

The Positive Music Show

Interview of Karen by Tom Averna on

Music and Spirit – Interview on Xtreme Music

Music and Spirit – the two go together like hand in glove. I wouldn’t even think about writing a melody or a lyric to a song without first tapping into that infinite wellspring of Spirit. It’s funny because when I first started writing songs in my angst-filled teenage years, I wrote about unrequited love, and all the heartbreak that love can bring. It wasn’t until I discovered my own Spirituality and started...continue reading

Divine Diva Karen

When you were starting out in your career how did you know you were making the right choice as far as pursuing that career for yourself?: Gee, do we ever know if we are making the “right choice”? I think life is a series of paths that you just keep choosing and if you keep trusting your heart, hopefully you are lead to the path that feels the best....continue reading

The Face of God – Article from Science of the Mind Magazine

“I have this sandbox. I want everyone to play in it.” This imaginary visual scene sums up the reason why inspirational singer/songwriter/speaker and author Dr. Karen Drucker is one of the most impacting and most beloved musicians in Religious Science, if not New Thought....continue reading

An Interview with Karen Drucker

All I knew about Karen Drucker before I interviewed her was that our Center’s vocal music director was a huge fan and that we now open our service with “Thank you for this Day.” Now, the more I hear Karen’s music, the more I like it and our community and Minister do too....continue reading

Thoughts On Loving Kindness

Speaking of kindness and love, I call my good friend Karen Drucker, the Queen of Song-ffirmations. She’s a genius at taking positive thoughts and turning them into musical anthems that lift your heart, heal your body, and sing to your soul. On her Beloved CD, she wrote a song titled, “My Religion is Kindness.” I love her music and recommend her album’s to everyone I know....continue reading

The Speak Well Being Group – Newsletter

While her music is soothing, inspiring, relaxing and energizing all at the same time, Karen Drucker is vibrant, funny and, well, girl-friendly. For many years she made her living singing in blues clubs around San Francisco, singing songs of pain, loneliness and self-pity. Then one day she was asked to perform a few upbeat and positive songs for a church service. That morning changed her life and gave her a whole new musical path. And the timing was perfect....continue reading

Soul of the American Actor Interview

What gives you the greatest blessings each day? What gives me the greatest joy is the freedom that I have created a life for myself that has wonderful people in it. I’m not confined to any kind of job that’s routine or boring to me....continue reading

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Bottom line: Karen Drucker rocks. As a long-time speaker and seminar leader, I have worked with many musicians. Karen shines far above the masses. She is talented, ultra-present, funny, and an extraordinary team player. Hire her.

— Alan Cohen, Author/Speaker

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