An Interview with Karen Drucker

by Rob Wallace

All I knew about Karen Drucker before I interviewed her was that our Center’s vocal music director was a huge fan and that we now open our service with “Thank you for this Day.” Now, the more I hear Karen’s music, the more I like it and our community and Minister do too.

Karen Drucker’s message to all New Thought Music creators is to “Get the Music Out there.” Karen believes that if we strive to perform and heal with our music, it is inevitable that widespread acceptance will naturally happen. We can then find each other’s CD’s in a section of Tower Records labeled “New Thought Music.” This is her message as well as her mission; she goes about it in a graceful, healing and frankly, aggressive fashion.

Karen is adamant that we need not compete commercially but rather focus on doing our good work that will take us to the goal of healing the world. “Check out what other people are doing our mission is healing and ego less.” Maybe that sounds too expansive? Karen backs up her viewpoints with action.

Karen is quite direct and her life is made up of some surprising accomplishments. For example, she is a dedicated athlete. How dedicated? Karen swam the English Channel and she swam from Alcatraz to the San Francisco city shore many times. When she mentioned that fact, I said,”…prisoners died doing that!” She stated that the current is not all that it has been played up to be, there are no sharks, and the water is not that cold. Hmmmm…. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she has biked San Francisco to L.A., and walked from Santa Barbara to L.A.

Karen says her best melodies come to her when she is working out. The more determined and energetic she is, the better her music is. Sometimes, she admits, she has to listen to her own song, “Breathe,” to slow her pace down and balance.

Her new publication is a “CD Songbook of Chants and Sing-along’s for All Kinds of Gatherings.” Thirteen original chant lead sheets plus two versions of each chant, a performance by her and then a backtrack. Karen goes the extra mile by making the book usable for Churches that don’t even have a music director. She includes in the CD Songbook a complete handbook for service, simple chord theory, and transposing chord theory. This form of publishing is an ideal forum for New Thought Music to “get out there.” Price? Visit Karen’s web site:

Karen’s principle venue these days are workshops. She often includes a workshop and then a concert. She performs with backtracks or her band of many years.

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Bottom line: Karen Drucker rocks. As a long-time speaker and seminar leader, I have worked with many musicians. Karen shines far above the masses. She is talented, ultra-present, funny, and an extraordinary team player. Hire her.

— Alan Cohen, Author/Speaker

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