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Speaking of kindness and love, I call my good friend Karen Drucker, the Queen of Song-ffirmations. She’s a genius at taking positive thoughts and turning them into musical anthems that lift your heart, heal your body, and sing to your soul. On her Beloved CD, she wrote a song titled, “My Religion is Kindness.” I love her music and recommend her album’s to everyone I know.

My religion is kindness

My church is nature

My God is a feeling that lives deep inside

My job is to be conscious

My path is forgiveness

My religion is kindness

And I practice it everyday

I know that Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Karen Drucker are onto something brilliant.  I know the power of loving kindness because of I have been on the receiving end of it. I know it’s live changing and unforgettable. And the brilliance of kindness is, once you receive it yourself, you immediately give it back to the world ten fold. Please, today and everyday, be kind to others and most importantly, be kind to yourself

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Go directly to Karen’s website and order all her CD’s! If you want to be working on your prosperity issues ( or any other issues for that matter!) singing along with these affirmations is the ticket!

— Chellie Campbell author/speaker “The Wealthy Spirit”

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