The Lighten Up Concert!

I have two different types of concerts that I love to perform. The first one is my high-energy approx. 60 to 90 minute show that combines my inspirational up-tempo songs, comedy songs, routines, and my chants. Audience participation, fun and lightness are the themes to this show.

Some of the songs may include: I Lost The Right To Sing The Blues, I’ve Got the Power, Lighten Up, We Are All Angels, Prosperity Chant, I Am So Blessed, My Religion Is Kindness, and others.

Depending on the budget, my show can be performed either as:

  • My full band,  (keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, and “The Druckettes” – my 2 back-up singers)
  • A trio   (keyboard, bass, drums)
  • Piano or guitar player
  • Or I can sing with my CD “tracks”

 “Sacred Stillness Through Music” 

 “Music has the ability to bypass the mind and sink into the heart. “

Breathing, stillness, rest, calm, allowing yourself to just “be” and not “do” for a little while. Settling into your heart and dropping into that place of inner knowing.

The other kind of musical “concert” that I offer is an audience participatory event where we sing and chant, mediate and pray together. This is sometimes referred to as a “Taize Service.” This is a sacred, meditative, musical event where we create a sacred space by spending time chanting, (singing repetitive and affirmative words over and over), being in silence, listening to short sacred inspirational readings, stating our prayers or intentions, and just allowing ourselves to “be”. The stage or room is usually surrounded with candles, and the participants walk into the room in silence, feeling the sacred tone that has already been set, and leave at the end in silence.

Four separate themes are usually used for each of the segments. We have sung, spoken and meditated on the themes of health and well-being, love, prayer, sacred service, faith, and gratitude. Come with an open heart and a willingness to receive.

This musical event is usually about 60 to 90 minutes.

Some of the songs may include: The Face of God, Your Prayer Is My Prayer Too, Blessing To The World, Holy Holy Holy, Loving Kindness, I Am So Blessed, and chants from other faith traditions.

Depending on the budget, this service can be performed with a keyboard, bass, guitar, tabla player and back-up singers, or as simple as me playing keyboard and singing.


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Karen’s performances get better and better.  Musically they have always been stellar and her beautiful heart is shinning through more than ever as she reaches out and opens the hearts of those around, empowering them to be who they are and know they are loved.

— Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte Rev. Christy Snow

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