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You don’t sing words, Karen, you sing love.

What a hit you were!  Probably the most fun anyone has ever had at an INATS banquet.  Thank you so much for being at the show and so willingly sharing your talent with everyone!  You were marvelous. I sincerely hope we can work together in the future.  You are a true professional!

— Susie Hare, Show Manager : International New Age Trade Show

Brilliant, audacious, engaging and incredibly energetic – Karen Drucker is all of this and way, way more! She models being present in every moment of her concerts, and joyfully brings the audience into that presence with her.   Her songs touch the heart and are filled with kindness and humor, gentleness and insight – and jump-up-and-dance music that draw upon a rich variety of styles. Bottom line: people have a really, really good time at a Karen Drucker event.

— Cheri Huber   author/speaker

I want to reiterate my appreciation of both your performance and more importantly, your presence.   You radiate positive uplifting energy that is truly empowering to those who connect to you.   Saturday, after your amazing concert, I felt a “high” as if I had been drinking alcohol all night!   Since it was a natural high, I didn’t even have a “headache” the next morning!

— Sherry – Omaha

Karen’s performances get better and better.  Musically they have always been stellar and her beautiful heart is shinning through more than ever as she reaches out and opens the hearts of those around, empowering them to be who they are and know they are loved.

— Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte Rev. Christy Snow


Testimonials for Sacred Stillness

The candles, the silence, the singing, allowed my heart to open and to feel Spirit in a way that words cannot describe. Thank you for creating such a sacred space.

— Participant: Don – Denver

The experience of closing my eyes and hearing everyone singing around me brought me to such a deep peace. I walked into the room feeling stressed, and walked out with a sense of calm and renewed faith.

— Participant: Debbie – Kansas City

I have never thought I could sing, and always felt antsy doing any kind of meditation, but after an hour of chanting, small amounts of silence, and a connection to my Spirit, I felt like I have a new spiritual practice that will help me in my everyday life.

—  Paticipant: Michelle – Omaha

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You don’t sing words, Karen, you sing love.

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