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We receive many questions and requests regarding Karen’s music and different aspects of her business. We hope that this page will answer all of those questions If not, please feel free to e-mail us at Sue at:

Contact Information

For personal correspondence:

Karen Drucker  P.O. Box 134  Mill Valley, CA 94942

For information:

To Order Karen’s CDs

Visit the Store section of this site to view/purchase Karen’s CDs, Books and other products.

Please note: The company that sends out Karen’s CDs is called Source Books located in Nashville, TN.  Any questions (retail or wholesale) about placing an order or status of an order should be directed to them.

Karen Drucker
c/o Source Books
PO Box 367
Gallatin, TN 37066
Toll Free 800.637.5222


Wholesale distribution

(This includes church bookstores, gift stores, authors or teachers that play her music and would like to sell her CDs at an event, or in a store.)

Please contact our office or Source Books directly (see above) and set up a wholesale account.To receive the wholesale pricing which is 40% off retail, an account needs to purchase 10 or more products at a time; they can be any combination of CD’s, songbooks or our pewter hearts or daily affirmation cards. (You can see all these products on Karen’s website.) (For some stores: Karen’s music is also available through  DeVorrs and New Leaf catalogs)

Having Karen at your event

Karen is available to perform at an event in many different capacities. She can do a “Keynote Concert” (speaking and singing), perform music throughout a conference, teach a workshop, and/or do a concert.The full range of what she offers is available on her website.

To expedite the booking process please send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Name of event and date  (or some potential dates you are considering.)
  • Location
  • Basic fee offered  ( Karen’s fees are negotiated based on the type, length and format of the event.)

The basic requirements are:

  • Air travel from San Francisco or Oakland, CA.
  • Private hotel room, transportation and meals.
  • Depending on what kind of event this is:  P.A. and keyboard rental may need to be included. Just let us know this information and we will get back to you.

Using Karen’s music at nonprofit and private events

(Churches, hospitals, concerts, weddings, memorials etc.)

Karen is very happy to have anyone sing her songs at any of these kinds of events.There is no need for any payment, the only thing we ask is that you credit Karen as the author (if you are using one of her compositions) and if possible include in any printed material. If you are putting her lyrics on a power point, please make sure to include the proper credits. ( Contact Sue at  if you are unclear of credits)

Using Karen’s Music for CD Recording, Video, DVD etc.

(For profit projects or events)

Karen is always happy to have her music used for other projects, and is very supportive to other artists who want to record her songs. For Karen’s royalty payment for CDs, we use the industry standard per song per CD. For DVDs, books, or any other projects please contact our office to discuss terms.

To speed up your process please e-mail us the following information:

  • Your name (organization/contact information/website)
  • Phone number(s) and  E-mail address
  • Purpose or use of Karen Drucker’s music
  • Estimated quantity of first run
  • What song(s) of Karen’s you will be using

Please give Karen credit in your song liner notes and/or on the CD by including the following in your printed material:

  • Name of Song(s)  and Writer(s)
    (Many of Karen’s songs include co-writers. Please check Karen’s CD for the specific credits or e-mail our office for verification) 
  •  Copyright info: Karen’s publishing company is TayToones Music, BMI
    (Please note that TayToones is one word. If possible anywhere in your liner notes include the website address 

Please send us a copy of your finished product to:

Karen Drucker Music P.O. Box 134 Mill Valley, CA 94942

Songbooks and Individual Sheet Music (in the form of Lead Sheets)

Karen has individual sheet music and songbooks available for all of her CDs (except the compilation CDs).  All of Karen’s sheet music is in “Lead Sheet” format, meaning it has the melody line, words and chords.

To order the songbooks just visit the Store page.

Some of Karen’s individual Lead Sheet are available here on her site on the Store page.  To order individual lead sheet music that is not listed, contact Sue at :

For choir and other arrangements of Karen’s songs go to:

Karaoke Tracks (Sing-Along Tracks) – or Music Minus One tracks

For singers singing in churches (or even the car or shower!) Karen has made the “Tracks” of most of her CDs available. What this means is that Karen’s lead voice is taken out and you sing the lead! The backup singers and all the instruments are there, just the lead vocal has been taken out. Please note this is not the kind of Karaoke where the lyrics show up on a screen – it’s just the CD that you can use to perform with. All the lyrics are available on Karen’s website, and also in Karen’s songbooks that feature the words, melody and chords. For individual tracks provided in digital format via e-mail, contact  For entire albums, go to the Store page on Karen’s website to purchase. Please give Karen songwriting credit if you are performing any of her songs in public. She appreciates it!

Other uses:

For any other questions that were not covered here, please feel free to contact our office and be as specific as possible. We get many emails daily so please be patient and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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I am a man – a mature man. Listening to your Songs of the Spirit II has made a grown man cry. The truth in the words is so direct and to my heart that it just overwhelmed me. “You Are The Face of God” reminded me of my two grown children and the child still in me.

— Alan from New York

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