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Karen Drucker was a keynote speaker at our National Conference in San Antonio. In so many ways, she was the highlight of the conference. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience personally and move people into a state of happiness. She gave so much of herself to everyone in her performance and was able to make people feel special and loved. By involving audience members interactively and personally, she created a sense of intimacy and connection. In addition, both Karen’s keynote and workshop provided excellent information and concrete tools participants could use in their lives and practices. Numerous attendees commented on their evaluation how much her workshop and music inspired them and asked that we bring her back for the next conference.

— Lisa Gordon, CEO Healing Touch Program

We were thrilled to have Karen Drucker singing at our final conference. Not only was she a pleasure for our team to work with, her presence made a huge difference for everyone at the conference. She lifted people’s spirits, redirected attention away from the occasional technical difficulty, and helped to get the energy up at the beginning of the general sessions. Having Karen at the conference was one of our best investments!

— Ruth Buczynski, PhD President NICABM

You gave us a tremendous day at the Kara Conference; the “Heart of Healing.” You provided profound opportunities for our 180 attendees to not only learn about healing after a tragedy or loss, but also to experience healing moment by moment through your music, your beautiful spontaneous heart-felt words and your lighthearted humor and energy.  We will be inviting you back multiple times to be with our professional caregiver participants.

— Jim Bronson: Director Kara Conference – Grief Support

As soon as the date and venue were in place for our conference, the first call I made was to Karen Drucker. I wanted someone who could manage the energy and bring it to a higher level….all day. She did exactly that. She was pivotal to the feel of the day and delivered more than we expected. Everyone in attendance was awestruck and that feeling remains. What a gift she shared with us!

— Vivian Komori The Woman’s Summit Conference

I could go on forever about the countless benefits you bring to a workshop with your spirit, music and presence. You have the ability to move people deeply through your songs and music.

— M.A. Bjarkman The ConferenceWorks!

It was great seeing you perform and speak at the Healing Touch Conference. You really know how to work the crowd, read their energy and open people’s heart. It is a sigh of a truely gifted heart centred facilitator. Your GIFT is connecting with people’s HEARTS!! As a professional speaker and trainer it was a pleasure to watch you facilitate and create a magnificent workshop with all the healers.

— Cindy Palajac, Healing Touch Instructor Sound Healing Practitioner

Karen you were so glorious at IGEEM.  When you left, there was this big hole.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We heard nothing but high praise. 

— Donna Eden IGEEM Conference

It is a rare treat to run into someone who embodies an immense musical gift combined with the detailed organizational skills to pull off sustained and brilliant success over a one week or two week event. She brings the best of the creative and business worlds together to make sweet music. I rely on Karen to bring the highest caliber of talent in a seamless, stress-free environment.

— Philip Parks Director of Special Events United Church of Religious Science

Karen Drucker’s music is the thread that weaves each activity together. Her music touches everyone present and comes from the heart and soul. Her music is inspiring and uplifting. She is a joy to work with. She is able to “read” the energy of the room and create on the spot what will work in the moment.

— Karen Thomas, Events Director, Mile Hi Church

Bottom line: Karen Drucker rocks. As a long-time speaker and seminar leader, I have worked with many musicians. Karen shines far above the masses. She is talented, ultra-present, funny, and an extraordinary team player. Hire her.

— Alan Cohen, Author/Speaker

Karen Drucker was a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at our National Conference and was the highlight of the conference. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience personally to make people feel special and loved. We have already hired her for our next conference!

— Lisa Gordon, CEO Healing Touch Program

Karen Drucker is so much more than an incredible musician and songwriter. She has the innate gift of storytelling which leads her audiences into a greater sense of connection, compassion and healing. There is an ancient question, “When did we stop singing, dancing, and telling the great stories which can transform our lives?” Karen Drucker can do it all within a short time and move your congregation and community to a sacred space of open-heartedness.

— Rev. Temple Hayes, First Unity St. Petersburg, FL

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As a workshop facilitator, Karen Drucker was funny and commanding.  Her delivery was flawless and packed a powerful punch of hands on life changing tools.  One of the best workshops I’ve attended!

— Charlotte Center for Spiritual Living N.C. retreat

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