Everything you ever wanted to know about music, but were afraid to ask.

 Or:  The care and feeding of your music department

(A workshop for Ministers and/or Musicians)

This workshop addresses ALL the issues that surround music in the church, or at any gathering.

Topics include:

  • Selecting music for the service or event
  • Communication between the minister and music director
  • Demystifying music (learning to “talk” to musicians)
  • Working with guest musicians
  • Finding music that fits the theme
  • How to make your service or event flow and inspire

No musical experience necessary–just a love of music and a willing heart. This can be an all day or 90-minute workshop.


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I could go on forever about the countless benefits you bring to a workshop with your spirit, music and presence. You have the ability to move people deeply through your songs and music.

— M.A. Bjarkman The ConferenceWorks!

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