I Don’t Have To Be Perfect! or Taming My Inner Critic

(Based on the songs “I Don’t Have To Be Perfect” and “Taming My Inner Critic”)

We all have one, you know, that VOICE – the one that says we’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough. The voice that keeps us from knowing our own self worth and divinity. So how do we quiet that voice when it is raging on inside? Studies have shown that we have over 60 thousand thoughts every day … so how many are positive and life affirming?

In our time together we will explore:

  • How to take back your power by learning how the critic operates in your life.
  • How to practice extreme self-care so that you have power over the critic.
  • The role that the critic has played in your life, and how to work with it in a fun and light-hearted way.

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As a workshop facilitator, Karen Drucker was funny and commanding.  Her delivery was flawless and packed a powerful punch of hands on life changing tools.  One of the best workshops I’ve attended!

— Charlotte Center for Spiritual Living N.C. retreat

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