I Give Myself Permission

(based on the chant; “I Give Myself Permission”)

“I give myself permission to be all I can be.
I give myself permission to live passionate and free.” 

I have thought about that word for a while: “Permission.” I have asked myself the question: Are there places in my life that I would like to give myself permission to do what I want, have the things I desire, or be the person I want to be?

In our time together we will explore:

  • How the word “permission” relates to our daily lives, relationships and our dreams.
  • How we can say “Yes” or “No” to what feeds our flame, or to what diminishes it.
  • Specific techniques to reclaim our power and live our best life.

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This retreat really filled up my tool box with lots of concrete, practical tools. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and new ways to enhance my life.

— Participant: Donna – Santa Barbara CA Retreat

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