I Let My Big Bright Brilliant Beam Of Radiant Light Shine!

(Based on the song;  “Let It Shine”)

“For too many years I hid my light
thinking I was too much and who I was just wasn’t right.
Then I heard this voice from within and up above
saying ‘You’re here to be a shining light and give and receive love.’ ”

How many of us were taught as children to be seen and not heard, or when expressing ourselves in some way got the message we were “too much”?  And yet we are all divine unique beings here on this earth to shine our lights and be all of who we are.

In our time together we will explore:

  • How much we are shining our lights.
  • The ways we diminish our lights.
  • Ways to amp up our wattage.

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There is ALWAYS magic in a space that includes the music of Karen Drucker.  Yet, I discovered the inspiration, light and literal sizzle that is in the space when Karen Drucker sings AND gives the talk.  It was DOUBLE magic!!  

— Rev Michelle Medrano

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