“A Woman’s Time Out”

( another title could be “ Coming Home to Myself”)

A retreat of rest, relaxation and inspiration.

When a parent says to a child “ You need to take a “time out”, the child will go to the corner, where they will sit, think, ponder, and maybe dream.  Give yourself a Time Out, and join a group of strong, supportive women as we consciously step away from our day-to-day lives to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Using music, meditation, prayer and small-group work, we’ll become a beloved community that supports each other in sorting the demands, requests, and expectations of the world around us. We’ll sing, learn, play, laugh, and pray our way to new clarity about choices, priorities, and what is uniquely ours to do. We will take time to discover and strengthen our most essential gifts:  our gifts to the world. Come and give yourself the gift of a “time-out.”

Retreat Highlights: 

  • Inspiring and healing music
  • Laughter and play
  • An opportunity to be seen and heard by other women
  • Group discussion and support
  • Prayer, meditation and journaling
  • Joy, laughter, energy and peace
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I could go on forever about the countless benefits you bring to a workshop with your spirit, music and presence. You have the ability to move people deeply through your songs and music.

— M.A. Bjarkman The ConferenceWorks!

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