“Keep That Passion Burnin’ In Your Soul”

Creativity. Motivation. Inspiration. Where do we get it and why do some people have it in spades while others struggle to find it? We will look at how passion, shining our light, being excited and turned on to life is our birthright.. but sometimes we just forget. In our time together we will take the time to rekindle the flame and walk away with a faith-lift!

With songs, stories and passionately creative tools:

Retreat Highlights: 

  • Identify what is your passion and how much you are expressing it.
  • Discuss ways to keep that passion flame lit and how to nurture it.
  • Commit to a passion practice
  • Find others to support your passion path


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I could go on forever about the countless benefits you bring to a workshop with your spirit, music and presence. You have the ability to move people deeply through your songs and music.

— M.A. Bjarkman The ConferenceWorks!

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