Sing The Song Of Your Soul

(based on the song: “Song In My Soul”)

“There is a song in my soul that sings I am whole
everywhere I go it sings I am whole.”

There is a story about a tribe in Africa where each child that is born has a song that is sung to them.  This song becomes their “soul song”.  It is sung to them all throughout their life at every portal and celebration until the end of their life.

I believe we each have our own soul song, one that we can sing to ourselves when we need comfort, courage, or support.  Through the years of writing and performing healing music, I have seen the power that music can bring to people in need of healing and inspiration.  I have also seen how singing an affirmation can help with any issue and be used as a daily spiritual practice.

In this fun (and non-threatening!) workshop participants will learn to write and sing their own personal affirmation chant.  We will sing, explore the process of writing chants, and write our own chant for personal growth, inspiration and healing. No musical experience necessary. Shower chanters welcome!

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This weekend retreat with Karen Drucker was the biggest waste of eye makeup I have ever experienced!

— Participant: Patsy Idaho Retreat

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