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There is ALWAYS magic in a space that includes the music of Karen Drucker.  Yet, I discovered the inspiration, light and literal sizzle that is in the space when Karen Drucker sings AND gives the talk.  It was DOUBLE magic!!  

— Rev Michelle Medrano, New Visions Spiritual Center Scottsdale AZ

Karen Drucker’s light was shining so brightly as she spoke, prayed and sang for our Spiritual Center. All 450 people were lifted and inspired by what came from and through her. She is grounded in principle, she made us laugh and cry, and she gave us tools for transformation.

— Rev. Liesa Leggett Garcia, Center for Spiritual Living, Reno

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find a gifted speaker let alone musician, soloist and author.  Karen owns her truth and shares it in a way that brings joy, love and laughter to those in her presence. The music and message resonated with everyone and we can’t wait to have her back!

— Rev. Joe Hooper, Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert

We know that Karen Drucker’s music can open hearts, heal hurts, enfold us in Spirit, celebrate our humanity, and pull up laughter from our toes. Now we get to hear the stories behind the music and be reminded of the spiritual principles they illustrate. Karen Drucker is a fabulous speaker, continuing to evoke laughter, tears, and wisdom!

— Rev. Karyl Huntley, Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living, CA

Karen Drucker is one of the most accomplished, inspiring and engaging speakers I’ve ever heard. She has the innate ability to totally captivate and engage her audience. She is a passionate and authentic speaker, using real life situations to help one understand how to be better, live kinder, be healthier and experience greater Joy. You will be uplifted, inspired and moved to tears. Oh – you’ll also laugh out loud. Karen Drucker is a multi-faceted talented individual with a unique and powerful message to share. Our people are asking, “When is she coming back?

— Rev. Deidre Ashmore, Unity Church of North Idaho

Karen Drucker recently did a concert, workshop and Sunday morning talk for us. I knew that her concert would be awesome by virtue of the fact that we LOVE her music! What surprised me the most was her Sunday morning talk. She was funny, deep, connected, real and authentic. I had congregants calling and e-mailing me expressing their gratitude to me for her inspiring Sunday message. What an extraordinary entertainer whose delivery on everything she does is straight from the heart!

— Rev Sue Baggatt, Christ Church Unity Springfield MO

Karen Drucker is not only a gifted and inspiring musician and songwriter; she absolutely blessed and thrilled us with her talk as well. She is warm, funny, real, practical, wise and extremely engaging. Her grasp and ownership of New Thought principles is right on! I recommend her without reservation as a guest speaker.

— Rev Stew Bittman, Unity at the Lake, Nevada

When Karen Drucker spoke for me at Alaska CSL, I found her ‘talk’ to be solidly based on Science of Mind principles.  She was engaging and funny while delivering practical nuggets and examples of how to live an empowered life. I got to ‘attend’ church instead of ‘lead’ church and that was refreshing and truly enjoyable. 

— Rev. Marquita, Alaska Center for Spiritual Living

Karen Drucker’s Sunday morning message was inspiring, uplifting, engaging and informative.  The feedback from teenagers to 70 year olds was that of praise and gratitude for a message that was both relative to and applicable to every day life, one that will continue to be helpful in living the Science of Mind. I had a teenage boy tell me this week that your talk really spoke to him and was what he needed to hear about being perfect just the way he is!

—  Rev Christy Snow, Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte

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As a workshop facilitator, Karen Drucker was funny and commanding.  Her delivery was flawless and packed a powerful punch of hands on life changing tools.  One of the best workshops I’ve attended!

— Charlotte Center for Spiritual Living N.C. retreat

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