The Healing Power Of Music

(based on the chant;  “ Healed Whole & Heathy”)

“I am a healed whole and healthy. I relax and visualize.
I am healed whole and healthy. I am well, I am well.”

I wrote this chant for my mother when she was going through chemo treatments for breast cancer. Through the years of writing songs and chants with the intention of (hopefully) helping people to heal, I have seen the power that music can bring to people who are in need of healing and inspiration. I have also seen how singing my own affirmations can help with any issue I am dealing with and be used as a daily spiritual practice.

In this interactive keynote concert or workshop, I will use musical examples to empower the participants to see how they can use music with their clients and also for themselves.  We will learn how to write and sing our own personal affirmation chant, and be healed and inspired in the process!

In out time together, we will have:

  • The experience of how music can transform your mind, body, and Spirit.
  • Information about using music in your practice.
  • The knowledge of how gratitude helps in the healing process.
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Bottom line: Karen Drucker rocks. As a long-time speaker and seminar leader, I have worked with many musicians. Karen shines far above the masses. She is talented, ultra-present, funny, and an extraordinary team player. Hire her.

— Alan Cohen, Author/Speaker

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