Power of Women

Power of Women is a compilation of Karen’s chants that focus on women’s lives in a positive, healing way. Includes all lyrics.  The CDs the songs originally came from are in parentheses.

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  • The Power of Women  (Beloved)
  • What One Woman Can Be  (Shine)
  • On My Way  (Hold On To Love)
  • Lighten Up  (Beloved)
  • I Am So Blessed  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • You Are Loved  (All About Love)
  • Gentle With Myself  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • Beauty In You  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • I Look Good  (Shine)
  • N-O Is My New Yes  (All About Love)
  • I Wish For You  (Shine)
  • Let It Shine  (Shine)