Prosperity contains some of Karen’s favorite songs that have to do with all aspects of abundance: having money, having faith, trusting, giving, receiving, and gratitude.  In addition to general use, this CD is appropriate for anyone working through issues around financial freedom as well as teachers who have workshops on these subjects.  The CDs the songs originally came from are in parentheses.

  • Prosperity  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Money Is Coming To Me  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Receiving Chant  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • My Money Is Like A Bunny  (Songs of the Spirit 4)
  • Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise  (Shine)
  • More = Give  (The Call)
  • God Is My Source  (Songs Of The Spirit 1)
  • The Praising Prayer  (Songs Of The Spirit 1)
  • I Have Faith  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • Relax, Let Go  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • This Or Something Better  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • I’m Worthy  (With Love Anything Is Possible)
  • I’m So Grateful  (Songs Of The Spirit 4)