Stillness is a compilation of some of Karen’s favorite softer, more mellow chants.  In addition to being quietly empowering, this CD will be appropriate for meditation, massage, or yoga.  The CDs the songs originally came from are in parentheses.

  • I Will Surrender  (Songs Of The Spirit 4)
  • I Allow, I Surrender  (Songs Of The Spirit 4)
  • In The Stillness  (Shine)
  • One Breath At A Time  (With Love Anything Is Possible)
  • All Is Well  (Songs Of The Spirit 4)
  • Holy, Holy, Holy  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Breathe  (Beloved)
  • May I  (With Love Anything Is Possible)
  • I See Your Light  (With Love Anything Is Possible)
  • Loving Kindness  (Songs Of The Spirit 1)
  • Waiting  (Beloved)
  • I Am So Blessed  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Sleep Chant  (Songs Of The Spirit 4)