The Heart of Healing

The Heart of Healing is a compilation of Karen’s popular chants that are focused on health and healing, gratitude and love. Includes all lyrics.  The CDs the songs originally came from are in parentheses.

  • Thank You For This Day  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Healed Whole And Healthy  (Songs Of The spirit 2)
  • Blessing To The World  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • I Am So Blessed  (Songs Of The spirit 2)
  • Face of God  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Breathe  (Beloved)
  • The Healing Song  (Songs Of The Spirit 1)
  • You Are Healed  (Beloved)
  • Gentle With Myself  (Songs Of The Spirit)
  • I Have Faith  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • There is Only Love  (Songs Of The Spirit 2)
  • Song In My Soul  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)