The Relax Videos

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Relax to the sound of Karen Drucker’s music as you watch images of Maui’s most inspiring sites. This DVD features 14 songs performed by Karen from her extensive music library including:

  • The Face of God
  • Loving Kindness
  • There Is Only Love
  • I’m So Grateful
  • Gentle With Myself
  • I Send My Love
  • I Will Surrender
  • I Am Healed
  • Healed, Whole & Healthy
  • I Am So Blessed
  • Breathe
  • Blessing to the World
  • I Have Faith
  • Song In My Soul

This DVD can be used as a focal point for healing, or for bringing ambiance into your home or office. This DVD was produced with the supervision of health care professionals. It has been found that Relaxing accelerates healing by reducing your heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, and stress by increasing blood flow to major muscles/organs and improving concentration. Studies show that audio/visual analgesics played during medical procedures can reduce the need for anesthesia and pain relievers as well as decrease overall recovery time.

Run time 60 minutes with a continuous loop feature.