Power Up!

Power Up! is a compilation of Karen’s up-tempo, fun, high-energy songs.  This CD will be great for anytime that you want to have positive messages encouraging you, or you need something to remind you of your own power.  It is also a great CD to workout to!  The CDs the songs originally came from are in parentheses.

  • I Can Do It  (The Call)
  • I’ve Got The Power  (All About Love)
  • Celebrate Your Life
  • Three Little Words   (Shine)
  • Every Little Thought I Think  (The Call)
  • N-O Is My New Yes  (All About Love)
  • One Small Step  (Hold On To Love)
  • Let It Shine  (Shine)
  • I Don’t Have To Be Perfect  (The Call)
  • Just Do It  (Songs Of The Spirit 3)
  • I Lost The Right To Sing The Blues  (Hold On To Love)
  • My Religion Is Kindness  (Beloved)
  • Permission To Play  (With Love Anything Is Possible)